Our Media Policy


We maintain a degree of unbiasedness between all parties in the state and society, between all sectors, entities, organizations, movements, groups and individuals. Every complaint or review about this will be taken into account and published in “Publishing Reviews and Discussions” section

Media communication is available via our official email ( or media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Blog)
In general, terminology used in reports are based on academic or scientific background or as an absolute description of incidents, far away from any political, ideological or rights context, personal purposes, proactive results or generalization as possible as we can

We are committed to transparency, accuracy and determination of methodology and sources for each information in details

‘Saving privacy’ and ‘Causing no harm’ principles are put into consideration. We are not responsible whether the published content by any referred media outlet is ethic or not. Knowing that Links maybe will be down or changed later over time
The content of published comments does not reflect our opinion. Responsibility for information and views set out in comments lies entirely with the authors

Alternative Figures section

In this section (only in Arabic), there is an indexed collection of any informative, statistical, or archival products in the same framework that other entities or sources had issued, with a clear reference to their sources

Publishing Reviews and Discussions section

In this section (only in Arabic), circulation, publication or reference to our work by individuals, entities or organizations will be posted and reviewed. We reserve the right to retaliate. Media outlets will be arranged alphabetically (Links maybe will be down or changed later over time). We do not have any relation to media outlets itself. We are responsible for only the content on our official platforms, not any other media platform

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