Framework and Files Initially


Political Issues

Political Issues section includes presenting information and figures about politically based files; such as death in places of detention, and death sentences and others. It also includes a timeline of all legal proceedings; hearings, imprisonment renewals, and others


Societal Issues

Societal Issues section includes presenting information and figures about social, cultural and economic issues affecting citizens in the society; such as suicide, road, rail and rail crossing accidents, building collapses, illegal immigration and others


Literature Review of the Content

Alternative Figures: In this section, there is a collection and indexing of any informative, statistical, or archival products in the same framework that other entities or sources issued, with a reference to the source


Societal and Media Dialogue: In this section, circulation, publication or reference to any of Daftar Ahwal’s work by individuals, entities or organizations will be posted and reviewed. We reserve the right to retaliate


Important Note

Files and specific sections of the website are going to be worked on in the first phase initially


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